2005 - 2006 Campaigns

Aurora's Campaigns from 2005 to 2006

Rallye Solaire 2006

Rallye solaire 2006

Rallye Solaire 2006 Logo

Girona, Spain to Toulouse, France
1st - 4th June 2006
Day 1
On May 23 the carefully packed shipment of solar car, trailer, equipment, spare parts and tools left for Paris on Cathay Pacific...

Day 2
Finally off the freeways. The superb satellite navigation system in the Land Rover was dialled for Prades...
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Day 3
We were the only guests at breakfast, which consisted of ...
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Day 4
This time, breakfast was lavish, and included ...
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Day 5
We awoke to a cool and grey morning. After breakfast, the cars assembled in a car park at the Prades sports centre...
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Day 6
We had camped overnight in cabins by an artificial lake. Once again, the sky was clear...
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Day 7
After a good nights sleep, and some time spent rearranging our trailer, we drove straight from the hotel to the first stop of the day...
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