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World Solar Challenge 1999 - Report 4

Speed trials at the Hidden Valley trackToday Rob Shandley took Aurora 101 through the speed trials. We clocked a speed of 94.74 km/h, the fastest Australian qualifier. This is the same speed as we made in 1996, but this time the track was 100 m shorter, so our acceleration performance is a considerable improvement over that last time.

World Solar Challenge 1999 - Report 3

We have had another good day. Today Mark Gilligan has re-built the battery box to fit in extra cells, and the new arrangement has passed scrutineering. We have also done another 200 km of road testing, and practice runs at the Hidden Valley track for tomorrow's speed trials. This gave us a chance to see the Minnesota team (see picture - their car is called, believe it or not, Aurora 4) and the team from Central Queensland Uni., who are racing one of our old cars--the one raced last time by Lake Tuggeranong College.

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