2004 Phaethon

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Athens, Greece
22-29 May 2004

Melbourne based Aurora 101 solar car team leaves Australia on Saturday, 15 May for the first in a trio of international events in Greece, Japan and China - read the press release and see the route map below.


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Mon 17th May

The Hotel London is being reconstructed. Inside, rooms are being refurbished ...

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Tue 18th May

We were greeted with a crisp, crackling morning with the blues and whites of Greece ...

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Wed 19th May
Another day, another check with the port. Where is the Evergreen Line in "Magnavia"...
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Thu 20th May
It's becoming routine. Call the shipping agent, call the race organisers and then...
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Fri 21th May
Thankfully it was not Friday the 13th, but it was the last day that we could...
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Sat 22nd May
After a very late night yesterday, the team struggled to appear at breakfast by 7.30am...
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Sun 23th May
Finally it was race day. The first one-hour race was scheduled for 11am...
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Mon 24th May
After yesterday's racetrack event we expected something very different in the five-day Rally event...
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Tue 25th May
At 6.30am, it was time for most solar car teams to wake up. What they faced was a howling wind...
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Wed 26th May
The hotels being used by the organisers for this rally must be shocked at the waves of solar car people...
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Thu 27th May
Wow, wow, wow. This was a great day. For the Aurora 101 team...
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Fri 28th and Sat 29th May
Today was our final chance to make ground on improving our position...
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