2005 - 2006 Campaigns

Aurora's Campaigns from 2005 to 2006

World Solar Challenge 2005

World Solar Challenge Logo
2005 World Solar Challenge
Darwin > Adelaide 25th September - 2 October 2005 

Darwin, Sunday 25 September 2005 will see the start of the epic 3010km 'world championship' for solar powered cars - read thepress release

Sun 18th September

Imagine twenty seven degrees in Darwin. Hard to believe, but that was it on Sunday morning...

Mon 19th September
Another lovely mild day in Darwin...
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Tues 20th September
We had a slow morning, mainly because we were all up until 2 am
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Wed 21th September
We started early. Well, not too early. Although we had a genuine early night...
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Thu 22nd September
Today saw the commencement of the first official activities of the 2005 Panasonic World Solar Challenge...
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Fri 23th September
Remarkably, the whole Aurora team was ready early. We had an appointment...
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Sat 24th September
Action day. It was time to determine grid positions...
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Sun 25th September
Finally, 25 September 2005, race day...
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Mon 26th September
Our campsite for the first night was a strip of red dusty road...
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Tue 27th September
After some late night work on the motor controller, we were ready to face another day...
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Thu 29th September
The weather forecasts were all bad. In fact, we had very little charge on the evening of the third day...
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Suzuka Dream Cup 2005

Suzuka Dream Cup 2005

Dream Cup Logo 

Suzuka, Japan
5th - 7th August 2005

Day 1
Since early in 2005, the Melbourne based Aurora Vehicle Association has been preparing the Aurora 101 solar car for two competition events...

Day 2
A clockwork 36 hours. Singapore airlines whisked us out of Melbourne on time and arrived in Singapore early...
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Day 3
This morning was only a short time from last night, in turn a very long day on the flight from Melbourne. But there was no alternative...
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Day 4
This was a much more sensible morning. We had a 2 hour practice session scheduled for noon...
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Day 5
Today the official aspects of the Suzuka Dream Cup commenced. Registration, vehicle checks and scrutineering...
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Day 6
This was an intensely interesting day, full of activity and great racing. The Aurora team...
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Day 7
The walking wounded assembled in the hotel lobby at 8.15 AM...
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Reports are in pdf format. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the icon below.

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2005 Melbourne International Flower Show




We thought that the Sustainable Living Festival in February would be the last display possible for the Aurora 101 solar car before undergoing a major upgrade for the events planned in 2005-06. But those smooth event professionals at IMG convinced us that the solar car would be the most powerful attraction within the 'Sustainable' section of the show so we squeezed out one more appearance.

Exhibition Building

The venue for the show was the famous old Exhibition Building of Melbourne. This building was the site of the first meeting of the Parliament of Australia and recently gained World Heritage listing. With the Aurora solar car it was a case of old meets the future. The Carlton Gardens is also the site of the new Melbourne Museum which was featuring a display of Chinese dinosaurs.

Chinese dinosaurs at the Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show was in its 11th year and boasts to be the largest such show in the southern hemisphere. It attracted 124000 visitors. The displays featured landscaping, rare plants, artistic floral displays and the latest in garden tools. With Australia's incredible level of home ownership and mild climate, gardens are a pastime pursued by many of its residents. Garden make-overs dominate many TV programs. The displays really were spectacular.

Garden Display
On displayOn display
On display

The sustainability display featured some interesting exhibits and is sure to be expanded in the 2006 show. Rod Sanders and Mark Jacobsen, proprietors of Repeat Products had a great display of outdoor furniture and signage created from recycled plastics. A well known and passionate Melbourne architect showed his novel idea for recycling shipping containers in his Future Shack display. The bus company Ventura demonstrated their ethanol powered bus which halves the output of CO2 emissions. Finally Aussie Sunlight lit the area with sophisticated solar powered standard lamps.

Aurora - part of the sustainability display section
Sustainability display section
Sustainability display section
Sustainability display section

The Aurora 101 solar car attracted much attention and is well known in Melbourne. It was interesting to hear young mothers explain how a solar car works to their pre school children. On the other hand many young school students tugged their grandparents along to see the solar car so that they could tell what they knew of solar cars. We look forward to next year and being back at this magnificent Melbourne event. By the way we did experience all sorts of weather. This is famous in Melbourne.

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