Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - Day 3

One Step Forward < Two Steps Back

After all the laps completed yesterday, today was going to be a bit easier. All day in the pits finalising the list of jobs started over the last two days. It wasn't!

Firstly the team were very slow in leaving the hotel. The hours of the night before were being paid for in the morning. But by 9.00 AM we were all at work and enjoying a cool and overcast day. In fact we were getting ready to have a final test run tomorrow only to learn that was really going to be today. The track was busy with non professional drivers racing their sports coupes and hot hatchbacks. The noise was loud but not as biting as the motorcycles the day before. We did make it to the track by 12.30 and headed to the west sector where we were going to practice. Then we noticed smoke coming from the back of the solar car and stopped immediately. Everything was turned off and the search for a problem began. No it wasn't the battery touching the body, or an electrical short in the solar array. It was an electrical short in the motor!

That changed the course of the day. The motor was pulled apart and the reason for the electrical short found. By day's end it was back in the solar car. The other short in the bodywork was repaired as well. The main battery pack is coming together and will go final charge tomorrow. The repaired motor should be OK; The Japanese two way radios will be tested, and so on. All tomorrow!

But today was a case of one step forward and one step back. It was also a great day with the Nuna team with a lot of information and performance data shared. We wish them luck for all the effort they have put into preparing for this important circuit race. But we would also like to have a good race with them and the Japanese champions TIGA and OSU. That's a few days away. We need an early night.