Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - Day 4

Wet and dry then wet and dry

That was the sort of day it was. It was raining as we left the hotel at 8.00 AM. We had lots of steady work to do without the need to take out the solar car for any more track work. Most of our jobs consisted of verifying repairs done over the previous days and attempting to gain more local solar data, except there really was no sun through most of the day. The motor was fixed, telemetry was working well, and the batteries were going into their final charging session.

Will re-read the rules to make sure we were OK for scrutineering tomorrow. There are many inspection stations to negotiate in scrutineering, to make sure the rules are met and cars are safe. Getting 82 solar cars through scrutineering in one day says a lot for Japanese efficiency.

The day long background noise was a large group of 100cc miniature racing motor cycles. They had to face strong rain in the early afternoon and just a few came down in accidents on the slippery track.

By late afternoon the rain had gone and we had sun for the first time. Other Japanese teams were arriving, in trucks, vans and on trailers. This gave the track a different atmosphere and a sense of anticipation for the official three day Suzuka Dream Cup event.

The Dutch were practicing wheel changes, we were planning race strategy and preparing for an early night. Tomorrow is going to be all solar cars. Great!!