2009 - 2010 Campaigns

Aurora's Campaigns from 2009 to 2010

Aurora Report #3 from Bibendum - 30 May 2010


The sun was shining on this day of the 4 different rallies organised for the participants of the 2010 Michelin Bibendum event.

The most extensive was for passenger cars into which the two intrepid solar car entries from Aurora and Belenos had entered. The last major event for these two cars was the Global Green Challenge in Australia last October. Three thousand and ten kilometres of straight flat road from Darwin to Adelaide. In comparison we expected that the near 300 km distance of the Bibendum Rally would be relatively easy.

Aurora Report #2 from Bibendum. 29 May 2010


Slowly the sun is making its appearance fighting through a humid sky. So for Sunday’s rally we are expecting clear weather.

Almost all of the vehicle entrants arrived by today. The glamour cars were from the French car companies, Peugeot and Citroen as well as several lovely Audi vehicles.

Aurora Report #1 from Bibendum, 28 May 2010

Brazil and Traffic

It was raining in the morning and the view from the room at Casa Del Mar was decidedly gloomy. Even the waves along the beachfront looked sullen.

But there was work to do and Rio Centro, a massive display venue next to a racetrack, was where to do it.

First to Pavilion 5, site of the exhibition that will be part of the 2010 Bibendum in Rio, was where to register and to receive the first package of publications about this world famous event.

Then on to Pavilion 1 where most of the cars entered in this Bibendum were starting to gather. A truck carrying the MOL sea freight container was waiting to unload. Would the solar car and spares as well as tools be in good shape? This container had been on the high seas for 7 weeks with a stop to change ships in Singapore. Most of all will the solar car survive the heat and humidity for so long?

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