2011 Campaigns

Aurora 2011 Campaigns and Event Reports

14-10-11 - Aurora Arrives in Alice Springs

Aurora went on display again today with Southern Aurora, this time in Alice Springs at Todd Mall accompanied by RiAus and Discovery Channel presenter Dr. Zoz Brooks.

Northern Territory Events and World Solar Challenge representatives also joined in the fun and provided water bottles for visitors as Aurora entertained a slightly different crowd.

The Aurora team were visited by around 500 people during the day ranging from tradesmen, students, tourists and those from the local community.

Students that had competed in the local model solar car competition also came down to check out the team.

Aurora Educational Outreach Leader Martin Brook today gave interviews to two local radio stations about the science of solar cars as well as the future of solar cars.

“Being a Melbourne based team it means that we don’t often get to visit a lot of these communities and so It’s great to see how interested they get in the World Solar Challenge and our solar cars,” he said.

RiAus documented Aurora team member Nick Grant demonstrating how to get into a solar car which can be seen here .

Meanwhile back at Hidden Valley, the racing team successfully completed dynamic scrutineering and prepares for an early start tomorrow morning.

Regular updates and pictures can be seen on Aurora’s public facebook page .

12-10-11 - Aurora And RiAus in Tennant Creek

Continuing on with their World Solar Challenge Outreach Program journey, today saw Aurora arrive in Tennant Creek to spend the morning at Tennant Creek Primary School and the afternoon at Peko Park.

Aurora Education Outreach leader Martin Brook and team member Nick Grant spent the morning with an audience of just over 400 primary school students.

The duo presented live driving demos in Southern Aurora and fielded the standard questions from the students including how fast could it go and whether it could run at night.

RiAus and Dr. Zoz Brooks, a Discovery Channel presenter, demonstrated their solar oven and managed to successfully cook Damper for the students and teachers.

The afternoon was pleasantly spent at Peko Park with more driving demos in Southern Aurora but this time for a larger audience.

Community members and high school students joined the fun and discussed the future of solar cars,  the science behind them and some detailed information like what tyres would be used in the race.

Aurora Evolution will undergo static scrutineering and dynamic scrutineering on Saturday in preparation for the launch of the race early Sunday morning.

Aurora's own Andris Samsons can be seen here giving an interview with RiAus and Veolia World Solar Challenge Director, Chris Selwood.

10-10-2011 - Education Outreach Program Report 1 - Katherine

Aurora kicked off the World Solar Challenge Outreach Program at Katherine in the Northern Territory today along with members of RiAus and Discovery Channel presenter Zoz Brooks.

Aurora spent the morning at Katherine High School educating students from years 7-11 about sustainable mobility, as well as providing some driving demos in Southern Aurora.

Aurora Education Outreach leader Martin Brook said that he and fellow Aurora teammate Nick Grant were introduced to the world of solar car racing through competitions they entered as high school students.

“Its important to get out there and educate the future generations about solar cars and sustainable mobility,” he said.

“These students we talk to today are the future and so we try and make a positive impression and demonstrate what can be achieved with technology available today.”

The afternoon saw Aurora and Riaus presenting to the general community at Ryan Park. The event afforded Aurora more chances to spread the word of sustainable mobility to a wider public.

Martin and Nick fielded questions from all walks of life within the community ranging from how fast Southern Aurora can go to what education you had to have to be apart of a solar car racing team.

The Outreach Program moves on to Tennant Creek on Wednesday for more solar car fun. In the meantime check out the Aurora facebook page as well as the World Solar Challenge page for pictures and status updates.

Aurora’s Andris Samsons shares a ‘Day in the life of a World Solar Challenge driver’ with Riaus here .

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