08-10-2011 - Aurora lands in Darwin

Aurora Evolution (back) and Sourthern Aurora (front) in the pits at Hidden Valley

The Aurora Solar Car team arrived in Darwin today, joining the numerous other racing teams from around the world in anticipation for the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge which officially kicks off on October 16th.

Aurora Evolution, which will be racing in this year’s challenge is currently undergoing final testing and validation of upgrades in the days leading up to the start of the race.

Similarly, Southern Aurora will travel to Katherine on Monday with the Education Outreach program and will also undergoing final maintenance checks.

The education program will visit communities and schools, educating the public about sustainable mobility and the World Solar Challenge.

Continuous updates will be available on Aurora's Facebook page as well as any pictures and videos taken. Being a public facebook page, it means that there is no requirement to have a facebook account to keep up to date with Aurora's posts.

Aurora’s own Andris Samsons can be seen here demonstrating Aurora 101/Evolution.