22-09-2011 - Aurora to Race in Honour of Fallen Teammate

Today marks the anniversary of the passing of Aurora's chairman, David Fewchuk. In celebration and memory, Aurora has elected to tribute our participation in the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge to our fallen teammate and leader.

Aurora's Andris Samsons took over as chairman at the end of 2010 to lead the team in what turned out to be a very challenging year. Aurora hopes to represent ourselves and honour our fallen leader with a solid performance in this year's challenge.

As a mark of respect and to indicate David is gone but by no means forgotten Aurora's WSC motto this year will be "Thank you, David".

In further news Aurora would also like to formally welcome several new sponsors to the team for 2011 - 2012:  Marand Precision Engineering, Radox Solar, Fluke Corporation and Emlogic.

Aurora Press Release