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World Solar Challenge 1993

In the 1993 World Solar Challenge, the first five cars eclipsed the race record set in 1987 by General Motor's Sunraycer. Aurora Q1 was one of the five. Aurora Q1 crossed the finish line in 5th place in a time of 43:00 hours, only 25 minutes behind third placed Kyocera Son of Sun. Once again, they were the first Australian team to cross the finish line.

The 1993 Car


World Solar Challenge 1990

In the 1990 World Solar Challenge, the AERL (now Aurora) entry was an improved modification of the 2nd-placing Ford car in the 1987 World Solar Challenge. The car was modified to three wheels, improved struts and aero bodywork. The car ran reliably and was placed 6th in a field of 36. The car was the first of the 11 Australian teams in the event and was the top car in the lead acid class.

The 1990 Car


World Solar Challenge 1987

In the inaugural World Solar Challenge event the successful finishers covered 3005km. The Ford Australia (now Aurora) team came second overall behind the overall winner from General Motors.


The 1987 Car


Race Results

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