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China Tour 2010 - Prologue

Another adventure is set to begin

If you were the Aurora 101 solar car you would want to be getting home by now. Home being Melbourne, Australia, last seen on 22 March 2010. But your hard driving masters, the Aurora Vehicle Association, want you to undertake a three week tour of China in September before returning to Melbourne some seven months after you left!

Garden Report - End of Winter 2010

From little things big things grow

Here in southern Australia, winter brings cooler temperatures and more precipitation to an otherwise sunburnt country. It also provides an ideal opportunity to repair, maintain, and enhance one's garden. For more than a year, Aurora team member Rebecca Trump has led an effort to improve the grounds of Aurora's workshop. With the highest winter rainfall in a decade, the team garden now flourishes.

Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - The Faces of Solar Car Racing

Power and the passion

At whatever event Aurora participates, the team meets the most interesting people. Solar car racing consistently brings together the best minds and brightest personalities, and this year's Suzuka Dream Cup was no exception.

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