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Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - Day 7

Completely dependent on sunshine

The last of the early mornings had to be endured as we left for the track at 7.30 AM. We needed to do many jobs to prepare for the second heat of the 2010 Suzuka Dream Cup. Importantly, the only recharging session was scheduled for 10.00 AM and the weather forecast was for cloud. Most teams had used all of their battery capacity the day before in the hard-fought first four hour heat. Every team was in need of a good charging session.

Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - Day 6

Ready to race, nearly

The first free practice session was scheduled to start at 7.00 AM. This meant a departure from the hotel at 6.15 AM and without breakfast.

Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - Day 5

Pandasan Wakaba-Go Dream Factory

A great confusion of names and new teams greeted us when we reached the track at 7.45 AM. We thought we were early but already about 25 teams and their cars were lined up to start scrutineering. They included both Sky Ace TIGA from Japan and Nuna from the Netherlands.

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