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World Solar Challenge 1999 - Report 2

It has been raining heavily all morning here in Darwin. Currently we are still in scrutineering, with only the batteries left to be checked out. Once that it is finished, we hope that the weather will have cleared up enough for us to do some practice for the speed trials later this afternoon.

In scrutineering


World Solar Challenge 1999 - Report 1

10 am

The team is almost all here in Darwin. Most had arrived by last Friday and we have spent a couple of days preparing the car. We have had two significant trial runs, and yesterday we ran 350 km from Darwin to Jabiru (in the Kakadu National Park), with 3 drivers. Along the way we saw the Queen's University team from Canada, the Helios team from France, and two teams from Japan.

World Solar Challenge 1996

In 1996 the Honda team went home with the spoils again. The Aurora car was running 4th when an accident forced its withdrawal from the race. For the 1999 race, further work to improve the utilisation of the solar cell array, the brakes, the suspension, and data telemetry from the car to the support crew, is taking place.  

The 1996 Car


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