2009 - 2010 Campaigns

Aurora's Campaigns from 2009 to 2010

Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - Day 1

Aurora 101 tests on first day in Suzuka


We knew we were in Japan! Precision trains, pachinko halls and pushbikes.

Suzuka Dream Cup 2010 - By The Numbers

92, 19, 7x2, 5x2, 3x2, 82, 101, 10/tenths

The famous Aurora 101 solar car has been on a holiday in Rio de Janeiro and has enjoyed a 40 day voyage direct to Nagoya, Japan to run the in the superb solar car "Dream Cup' at the International Race Circuit, Suzuka.

Aurora Report #7 from Bibendum. 3 June 2010


One more event but possibly the most fun. A parade of the most interesting cars from Bibendum 2010 at Flamengo Beach against a background of Rio’s most famous landmark, Sugar Loaf.

This required an early start from the Rio Centro pavilion. Seven thirty in the morning. Thankfully everything had been loaded the night before and it took little additional work to join a convoy of trucks taking vehicles through the centre of Rio to this beautiful area of Flamengo. All was helped by the fact that today was a public holiday.

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